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How to create a Store Locator?

With Ubilocal, you can create and operate a customized store locator, with all your locations displayed on an interactive map. Ubilocal can be adapted for almost any use: With just a few clicks, you can change the design and content of your store locator. No programming skills required!

The structure of Ubilocal means that it’s suitable for a variety of uses, including integration in location-based advertising. Your store locator will not just be operated as an independent Website, but can also be integrated in existing Websites and your Facebook profile as an iFrame.

How does the Store Locator work?

Good reasons to opt for a Store Locator

Time and cost savings

  • One place in which to maintain data about all stores
  • Import (CSV) with automated geo-coding and export (CSV)
  • Optimized interface for working with large and small data volumes
  • Quick setup and configuration – create your store locator in a matter of minutes
  • Low running costs, including Google’s map license fee
  • No hidden costs for maintenance and operation
  • No advance investment required

More customers, thanks to the increased online
visibility of your stores

  • Integration as an iFrame in existing websites, micro sites, CMS, online shops, Facebook profiles, location-based ad campaigns, etc.
  • Parallel operation as an independent Website under a neutral/generic domain, such as retaillocator.net or storefinder.co
  • Optimized display on mobile devices
  • Preparation of data for search engines and Google Places, so that your stores and their attributes are up to date everywhere; the preparation of data for additional services is currently being planned.
  • Optimal use in multichannel sales concepts

Your design, our technology

  • A wide variety of customization and integration options, suitable for mobile devices as well as desktop PCs
  • Ad-free Google Map as basis – best map, best Maps API
  • Software as a service – operation and maintenance of the central server by Ubilocal
  • Service Level Agreement – 99.9% availability
  • Focus on usability and performance
  • Automatic product updates during the term of your contract
  • Continuous improvement on the basis of metrics and user tests

A service to your customers

  • With its map-based search, Ubilocal offers rapid orientation in a fun way.
  • Show your customers how to get to your stores – whether on Facebook, a cell phone, or your Website.
  • Provide as much information as possible (such as opening hours, accepted payment methods, and information on how to reach you) to increase efficiency.